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Who We Are


Covenant Transport Group, Inc. (CVTI) is a values-based, publicly traded truckload carrier with headquarters in the scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. David and Jacqueline Parker started Covenant Transport with just 25 tractors and 50 trailers in 1985. Today, Covenant Transport, Inc. is a group of transportation providers that offer premium transportation services for customers throughout the United States. The asset-based group includes operations from Covenant Transport of Chattanooga; Southern Refrigerated Transport of Texarkana, Arkansas; and Star Transportation of Nashville, Tennessee. The group operates over 2,700 tractors and 9,500 trailers.

At Covenant Transport, our values drive our performance, as proven by industry statistics ranking us one of the ten largest truckload carriers in the United States measured by revenue. Our business strategy is focused on target markets where we believe our service standards can provide a competitive advantage including manufacturing, retail, freight forwarders, less-than-truckload carriers and third-party logistic providers that require a high level of service to support their business.

We believe that the development of our business into these three major truckload companies will show our corporate commitment by focusing our attention on the specific needs of our customers and drivers, who are the heartbeat and soul of our business.


Every employee of Covenant Transport sees our company in a different light. We all have individual experiences that shape our views of the world and that includes our jobs.

The "I Commit to CARE" culture represents our promise to everyone at Covenant that we will provide the best opportunities available to fulfill their career and personal goals. We commit to Communicate, have a good Attitude, show Respect, and strive for Excellence.

To learn more about our I Commit to CARE program, please view the video on this page from our President, Joey Hogan.