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Pet Policy

Drivers for Covenant Transport Inc. (“Company”) are permitted to travel with their pets on Company trucks in accordance with this policy. Permission to travel with a pet is not granted until this application is approved and signed by an authorized representative of Company and a pet decal has been issued to you. Any Service/Emotional Support Animals require separate approval from Human Resources (HR) prior to completion of the Pet Policy.

Type and Number of pets:

Only domestic dogs and cats are permitted under this policy. No wildlife or other animals shall be allowed on the truck.

No more than two (2) domestic dogs or cats are permitted on the truck at the same time and only in accordance with the following size/weight restrictions:

1. One domestic dog or one domestic cat that weighs 100 lbs. or less fully grown; or

2. Two domestic dogs or cats whose combined weight is 50 lbs. or less fully grown.

Vaccinations and State laws:

  • Proof of rabies vaccination within the last 12 months is required and shall be kept with you on the truck at all times.

NOTE: If the pet is too young to be vaccinated, vaccinations shall be completed as soon as the pet reaches the appropriate age.

  • You are responsible for complying with any and all local and state laws including, but not limited to leash laws and vaccinations as required by each jurisdiction.

Deductions and Fees:

  • A non-refundable charge of $10 per week will be assessed up to $750.

  • Beginning with the date the Pet Policy Agreement is approved by the IRC, the $10 charge will be deducted from your paycheck each week for the duration of the pet’s stay on the truck or until the max of $750 is reached.

  • In the event you change trucks, an additional fee will be charged in any case where damage to the truck is deemed to be excessive by the Company. Any additional charge will be communicated to the driver prior to deduction and will not exceed a maximum of an additional $500 per instance.

  • If funds are used to repair damages to a truck being vacated after inspection, a new $10 weekly deduction will be required to bring non-refundable ‘bank’ back to $750.

  • Damage to be deemed excessive will be determined by members of management

  • Any damages made to property of the company, co-workers, customer or vendor will be the full responsibility of the owner of the pet

Additional Acknowledgments:

  • If at any time your truck is deemed to be unsanitary as a result of a pet being on board, Covenant Transport Inc. reserves the right to require the removal of the pet from the truck.

  • You are required to keep a copy of this signed and approved Pet Policy and Application in the truck’s permit book at all times.

  • The decal provided upon application approval must be displayed on the driver side door panel of the truck below the window at all times. You are required to contact the IRC for a new decal in the event you change trucks.

  • The driver of any truck found to have an animal on board without a signed and approved Pet Policy and Application or in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  • Random inspections of trucks can and will be conducted at terminals and maintenance shops. If excessive damage is found charges may apply.

  • Once a pet is removed from the truck a pet cannot be put on a truck without contacting IRC to reinstate policy in an effort to maintain vaccinations and funds.

  • Rehires must apply for a new pet policy; reinstatements will be reinstated as if never leaving the company.

  • In the event or resignation or termination from the company, keep in mind all fees are non-refundable.

  • Animals showing signs of aggressive behavior towards people or other animals at any facility, company owned or not, will be dealt with accordingly. You may be asked to put the animal back in the truck for the safety and protection of everyone. In the event of an injury or complaint, you may be asked to remove the animal from the property. Depending on the situation and/or the outcome this could lead to the termination of your pet policy.

Service/Emotional Support Animals:

  • Contact Human Resources at HRAdmin@covenanttransport.com in order to request the approval of a Service/Emotional Support animal.

  • If approved, Drivers are expected to maintain control of their Service/Emotional Support animals while onsite at any Covenant Transport or customer property.

  • Any damage to the terminal will result in the removal of the Service/Emotional Support Animal from the building as well as the Covenant Transport Approved Service/Emotional Support Animal Registry.

Covenant Transport Inc. accepts no responsibility for the care or custody of any pet in the event you are unable to provide care for it.

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