Welcome to Covenant

Your guide to getting on the road.

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Orientation Checklist

Personal Documentation

  • *Valid drivers license
  • *Medical Card
  • *Social security card (or valid passport or birth certificate
  • *Notarized Letters for Gaps in employment
  • If you have been drawing unemployment within past 3yrs. Please bring documentation to show that you have.
  • Tax Paperwork if Self-Employed
  • DD214 Paperwork if Military past 10yrs.
  • Pet Documents (not all pets are permitted. See Welcome2Covenant page for restrictions and required documents)


  • *Certified copy of birth certificate – (for hazmat endorsement)
  • If recently applied for HAZMAT—bring receipt (date on receipt must be within 4 weeks)
  • If name change or divorce, bring supporting documents


  • Clean clothing for at least 7 days
  • Clothing that can be layered: jacket, coldweather headgear, etc. (Students, plan to be out for at least 35 days. You may be driving in any part of the country; be prepared for any climate or weather conditions.)
  • Rain poncho or equivalent
  • 1 pair of closed toe, OSHA – approved footwear for use in all warehouses. You must wear closed toe shoes when driving the truck but those do not have to be OSHA approved.
  • Flip flops/quick drying shoes for showers only.
  • 2 inexpensive pairs of work gloves.


  • 1 soft duffel bag/backpack only (no hardsided luggage)
  • 1 small bag for taking personal items to and from showers and restroom facilities


  • Sleeping bag or 1 blanket with twin sheet set (2 blankets in winter)
  • Pillow

Personal Items

  • Personal hygiene items (small to medium sizes)
  • Towel and wash cloth
  • One-month supply of prescribed medications (if needed)
  • Non-drowsy cold and headache medications, if needed (no Nyquil or Dayquil or equivalents)
  • Money for food and personal items (First paycheck usually comes in 2 weeks)

Office Supplies (NOT REQUIRED but will be helpful for the future)

  • White-Out tape
  • Black ink pens and paper pad (no gel pens)
  • 6x9 spiral notepads/ledger for keeping up with payroll and trips
  • Current Commercial Motor Carrier Road Atlas
  • Mini stapler with staples
  • Small calculator
  • 6” ruler
  • Stamps and stationary
  • Address Book