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Driving Test

You will be tested on your driving skills during orientation. You will be evaluated on lane control, lane changes, mirror usage, braking, turns, up shifting, down shifting, and overall safe handling of the truck. You will be expected to obey all traffic laws that apply during your drive. You will also be required to back the truck and trailer between two trailers spaced 12’ apart, simulating a maneuver commonly known as the 45-degree alley dock. You will have 15 minutes to execute the maneuver, with unlimited pull-ups and opportunities to get out and look. If you fail to perform the maneuver correctly, you will be given a second attempt. If you fail that second attempt, you can choose to go to the 4-day Refresher Course before attempting the maneuver again, or try the maneuver again immediately. However, if you fail the maneuver a third time, you will automatically be disqualified.